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Hijab Ban: A Call to Struggle

Fraternity Movement of India urges everyone to acknowledge the plummeting law and order situation in this country under the BJP government

Fraternity Movement of India urges everyone to acknowledge the plummeting law and order situation in this country under the BJP government which has led to unprecedented hostility against the Muslim community. Unfortunately we see that Indian law enforcement forces have become the greatest threat to Muslims in India, with all institutions categorically failing to safeguard […]

Fraternity stand firm with our leader Afreen Fatima and her family

Hundreds were arrested, Muslim homes were raided and 2 including a minor died after Police used brutal force in protests condemning the hate remarks on Prophet Muhammad. While the hatemonger Nupur Sharma and Navin Jindal roam free many including the family of Fraternity leader Afreen Fatima were detained by the Police at midnight yesterday. Her […]

Shamseer Ibrahim, National President visited jahangirpuri and interacted with the residents. Extended solidarity and support in their fight ahead.


Karnataka High Court verdict banning hijab is unjust and discriminatory.

The Karnataka High Court in it’s verdict on the hijab-ban in Karnataka Colleges has upheld the hijab ban forcing young Muslim women to choose their faith or education, both of which are fundamental rights. Religious practices of Muslims cannot be suspended. The court also commented that “Hijab is not an essential religious practice”. Judiciary cannot […]

Revoke Hijab Ban; stop dehumanization of Muslim women

In the light of the ban on Hijab in classrooms and college campuses that started in coastal Karnataka, a delegation of the Fraternity Movement travelled from 25-28 February across Karnataka state collecting testaments and taking stock of the situation after the statewide hijab ban and subsequent violence. The ban is a targeted hate crime aimed […]

Online hate crimes can never silence the high spirits of Muslim women

As a clear manifestation of gendered Islamophobia and sexualisation of Muslim women, another web application has surfaced online targeting about a hundred Muslim women profiles who are vocal against the Hindutva regime. The new application is a parody of Sulli deals, an Islamophobic online auction application using Muslim women profiles. Police and other state apparatus […]

Fraternity Movement demands action against the open call of genocide given by Hindu monks and Hindutva leaders in Haridwar.

Arrest organizers of ‘Dharma Sansad’ in Haridwar

NFS; a tool of exclusion of students from marginalized communities, SCRAP IT

NFS (Not Found Suitable) has been used by the Savarna academicians of higher educational institutions to keep away eligible candidates belonging to marginalized communities in faculty appointments. Denying faculty positions by using the tool of NFS is a blatant violation of constitutionally guaranteed rights. Even after years of efforts to overcome, discrimination in the name […]

Fraternity Movement Condemns Assaults on Christian institutions across the country.

Fraternity Movement strongly condemns the recent spate of attacks on churches across India, and the Christian community at large. The recent weeks have seen an increase in the hate crimes against Christians and Christian places of worship. The attacks on churches in Dwarka in New Delhi, Roorkee in Uttarakhand, and Belur in Karnataka are just […]

Fraternity Movement condemns the killing of civilians in Nagaland and stand in complete solidarity with the families of the deceased

At least 13 civilians were shot dead by the armed forces in Nagaland. The civilians were returning from work when the armed forces ambushed their vehicle and killed six people on the spot, seven died later. Eleven others are battling injuries while two civilians are missing. These incidents of absolute violence against people happen because […]

Naming DU colleges after Hindutwa icons Sushma Swaraj and Savarkar is highly contemptible.

Saffronization of academic spaces must be opposed at any cost. Using inconsequential figures to name educational institutions as part of RSS agenda is harmful to the very idea of education.This should be considered as another face of  the RSS propaganda of  portraying Savarkar from a bootlicker to a nationalist hero which is of atmost disgust. […]


The spate of unabated attacks on Muslims in Tripura under the ironical garb of protests for minorities in Bangladesh, are nothing but another mirror showcasing the hatred for Muslims in India. According to news reports, the orchestrated violence by Hindutva outfits has desecrated a minimum of 15 mosques, several of Muslim households,properties and has also […]

 “While others wait and hope for a change, dear members, I ask you to be the hope and the change”.