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Strengthen the Fight for Social Democracy – Public Fund Raising Drive


Public Fund Raising Drive
May 20 – June 20

We, Fraternity Movement, have been working for the past seven years, based on and aimed at the ideals of Democracy, Social Justice, and Fraternity among the students and youth of the country. The movement strives to cultivate solidarity and coexistence among society’s marginalized and underprivileged sections. Heading towards the horizon of a new democracy and social justice, we engage with and question the problem of exclusion based on various identities.

Significantly, Fraternity Movement has always been at the forefront of resisting Islamophobic,casteist and Hindu supremacist forces that undermine democratic ethos and the coexistence of communities.

The movement played a pertinent role in the country-wide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, which curtails the fundamental right to live in one’s homeland, leading the protests across universities and in the streets. But the consequences were adverse. In return for these interventions, many of our leaders of the movement were subjected to suppression, witch-hunting, and bulldozing by the fascist regime. Despite the adversities, Fraternity Movement has established its imprints and a ray of hope for marginalized student communities.

However, the moral and financial support for this movement comes from people like you. Fraternity Movement obtains its operational funds from both workers and the general public once a year. Therefore, I request you to support this movement on the path of social justice, democracy, and fraternity through your humble financial contributions to the best of your ability.

With regards,

Asim Khan
(National President, Fraternity Movement)

Kindly make your contributions👇🏾:

Account Details:
A/c Name: Fraternity Movement Kerala
Account No: 40341101049875
Bank: Kerala Gramin Bank
Branch: Panavila.


Send transaction screenshot/receipt via WhatsApp +91 98703 67010

 “While others wait and hope for a change, dear members, I ask you to be the hope and the change”.