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About Fraternity

Fraternity Movement – The New Designation for Students and Youth.

   Fraternity Movement shall strive to reach out to the students and youth with the messages of democracy, social justice and fraternity. It will ensure the representation and active participation of every historically marginalized sections of our society to fight against injustice and inequality. The movement will formulate an ethical framework to sustain the organizational development and to maintain straightforwardness in every action. It is the need of hour to find larger platforms of unity, solidarity and fraternity among the whole population to contemplate over existing challenges to the above mentioned themes and to sort out possible methods of socio-political empowerment.

We hope your active participation and cooperation in this path of redefining and restructuring narratives of democracy, social justice and fraternity.

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 “While others wait and hope for a change, dear members, I ask you to be the hope and the change”.