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You can join the Fraternity movement by filling up the following Google form links. It's available in Hindi, English, Kannada, Bengali and Tamil. For further queries and details, please feel free to contact in the phone numbers provided in.

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Latest from HQ

Virodh Pradarshan, Allahabad.

30th October 2021 त्रिपुरा में मुसलमानो के घरो व उनकी इबादत गाहो पर लगातार हो रहे हमलो के संदर्भ में आज इलाहाबाद में Fraternity Movement के आह्वान पर दीगर संगठनों AISA, DISHA, DUFI, ICM , SFI, PUCL, CITU, WPI, SIO, अधिवक्ता मंच और शहर के तमाम जिम्मेदार नागरिको ने मिल कर विरोध प्रदर्शन किया … […]


The spate of unabated attacks on Muslims in Tripura under the ironical garb of protests for minorities in Bangladesh, are nothing but another mirror showcasing the hatred for Muslims in India. According to news reports, the orchestrated violence by Hindutva outfits has desecrated a minimum of 15 mosques, several of Muslim households,properties and has also […]

Does JNU Remember Najeeb?

15th of October, is the day JNU saw the forced disappearance of one of its students, Najeeb Ahmad from within its campus premises. A first year MSc. Biotechnology student at the time of his forced disappearance, Najeeb was brutally assaulted by a right-wing mob (ABVP) in the university hostel the night prior to his disappearance. […]

Resist state-sponsored police Brutality in Assam

Assam has a history of alienating and dehumanising Muslims in the state particularly the bangla speaking Muslims. With the enactment of NRC in the state, ethnonationalism has taken form of ethnofascism. In the past few days, thousands of Muslims have been displaced in the Dholpur area in Darrang. State government and it’s Media allies are […]


There have been repeated attempts from the Hindutva forces to intimidate Fraternity Movement and it’s leaders. Sharjeel Usmani, national secretariat member and Haider SK, office secretary have been repeatedly receiving death threats and abusive phonecalls from unknown international numbers. We have filed a complaint with Delhi Police regarding the same on 13 August. We stand, […]

Fraternity Movement vehemently opposes these actions meant to intimidate, threaten, and mobilize hate crimes against Muslims.

New Delhi: Large anti-muslim rallies were held in Delhi at Dwarka and Jantar Mantar with thousands of participants from the right wing Hindutva groups calling for a genocide of Muslims. These kinds of hateful gatherings and calls for genocide has to not just be condemned but fought with on grounds. Anti-muslim terror crimes have become […]

National President Shamsheer Ibrahim visited the family of the 9-year-old rape victim at their resident at Purana Nangal, Delhi

A delegate comprising of President of Fraternity Movement Shamsheer Ibrahim along with Welfare Party of India’s National President SQR Illyas visited the family of the 9-year-old rape victim at their resident at Purana Nangal, Delhi. The victim’s family is only seeking for justice, nothing else. Welfare Party will extend necessary help to the family on […]

Why Fraternity?

In India today, the promise of democracy is one that remains hollow from inside, even more so than ever before. If we have had formal elections, it is assumed to be a democratic country. If we have a judiciary, we assume that there exists rule of law. But the broader promise of justice, and more […]

Fraternity welcomes the Court order to grant bail to Asif Iqbal Tanha, Devangana Kalita and Natesha Narwal

Fraternity Movement welcomes the Court order to grant bail to Asif Iqbal Tanha, Devangana Kalita and Natesha Narwal. This act shall be a thread of hope for all the innocent political prisoners who have been tortured for expressing their dissent against the fascist government.

National president of Fraternity Movement Shamseer Ibrahim visits the burnt site in Southeast Delhi’s Rohingya refugee camp

Massive fire broke out in Southeast Delhi’s Rohingya refugee camp late night yesterday. The camp had housed 55 Rohingyan families in shanties made of plastic sheets. All belongings of the survivors including identification documents were obliterated in the fire. This camp was also burnt in a similar manner in April 2018. Officials claim that the […]

 “While others wait and hope for a change, dear members, I ask you to be the hope and the change”.