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Online hate crimes can never silence the high spirits of Muslim women


As a clear manifestation of gendered Islamophobia and sexualisation of Muslim women, another web application has surfaced online targeting about a hundred Muslim women profiles who are vocal against the Hindutva regime. The new application is a parody of Sulli deals, an Islamophobic online auction application using Muslim women profiles. Police and other state apparatus have miserably failed to uphold the sense of security among Muslim women by their inaction against the previous perpetrators.

The negligence of law enforcement agencies contribute to reenacting these hate crime. The rise of Muslim women have always bothered India’s right-wing groups. The obvious intention of perpetrators is to silence the assertive Muslim women leadership.

Fraternity Movement condemns in strong words this continuous misogynist online campaign and demands the police to take appropriate action against the perpetrators. We won’t let this practice be the new normal for assertive Muslim women. Such hate crime can never silence the high spirits of Muslim women, fighting against injustices in this country. Fraternity Movement stands in complete solidarity with the targeted Muslim women and pledges to fight against the perpetrators.

 “While others wait and hope for a change, dear members, I ask you to be the hope and the change”.