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Demanding the University Authority to take notice of the issue faced by four female PhD. students, listen to their plights and take required actions as soon as possible


This statement is issued by Fraternity Movement, Central University of Kerala Unit to bring immediate attention of the University on the ongoing issue faced by four of CUK’s PhD students.

Two years ago, four female PhD students from the Department of English and Comparative Literature were emotionally and sexually targeted by a professor at CUK. In the complaint stated, the students alleged that the professor had traumatized them and harshly intervened in their academics. Heeding to the issue and on proving, the professor was expelled by the University.

But to a great shock, it is revealed that the University has readmitted the professor back to the University, which has caused the assaults to continue for a second time. This has greatly affected their mental health as well as the academics. The students have filed several complaints regarding this to the University but of no avail yet.

The silence on part of the University is too unfortunate. Primely, we demand that the University takes notice of the issue and listen to the plight of the students and take immediate actions to rectify. Our second demand is for an enquiry on the reappointment of the professor when such serious allegations have been proven against him.

If the concerned matter is not attended timely and justly, and ensure safe and secure learning atmosphere for these students, Fraternity Movement hereby deaclare that we will organize strong protests against the insensitive approach of the University.

Fraternity Movement

Central University of Kerala

 “While others wait and hope for a change, dear members, I ask you to be the hope and the change”.