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Dalit girl gang-raped in Gohri Village.


Fraternity Movement Allahabad President Sarah Ahmad Siddiqui, along with other social activists visited the relatives of Dalit family murdered last day in Gohri village of Allahabad.

The Brahmanical state’s oppression and apathy are visible in the fact that the Dalit family had previously filed complaints against the upper-Class family that the victims kin hold responsible for the gruesome murders. Four members of the Dalit family were murdered, with a minor girl allegedly being gang-raped prior to her death. The family had previously reported about their assault and the threat to their lives and filed cases under the SC/ST Act against the accused in 2019 and 2021. Yet, the State allowed their murders to take place, with the victim’s kin claiming that police had been apathetic in their approach to their cases, and tried to intimidate them into a compromise on the upper-caste family’s behest. The Brahmanical state with its systemically oppressive police force must be held accountable. She demanded punishment against the accused, and swift justice for the victims.

 “While others wait and hope for a change, dear members, I ask you to be the hope and the change”.